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What We Do

We make buying from over 120 members-only Japanese car auctions a stress-free experience for car dealers around the world.

From bidding and buying, through to processing for export and booking shipping, we handle it all.  Join us in Japan with the crew from Polish TV show TVN Turbo and see how it works in this video below.

Why Use Us?

Because only Integrity Exports gives you this
combination of unique guarantees and top-notch service.

Unique Guarantee #1:
Never Over Your Budget

Your max bid is the max. If bidding goes a click or two over (oops!), we pay you the difference out of our own pockets.

Unique Guarantee #2:
Verifiable Pricing

Ask for the original Japanese car auction invoice to check. Claim your 10,000 Yen discount if we don't email it to you within 2 business days.

Imagine Being Ahead Of 95% Of Your Competition

We find that the most successful importers really understand how it all works - from the auction to the ship and beyond.

Want to know about auction grades? Bidding outcomes? Tips for bidding? How to find bargains? These and many more topics are all covered in detail. No other Japanese car auctions buyer gives you such a wealth of information.

Don’t get left behind. Come learn at our Japan Car Auction Academy right now and make sure you are in that top 5% of savvy buyers.

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